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Client Testimonials

"I hired Lisa to help me as I transitioned into an executive role at a new company. Lisa challenged me to think through what success would look like, the actions I would need to take to be successful, and how that would fit into my longer-term life goals. We met for several months and I feel that I have a better sense of my short and long term goals and how I can be more deliberate in achieving those goals. She was also a positive sounding board as I experienced new situations and personalities at my new company. I never felt judged by Lisa, she is both a coach and a cheerleader in one. You can count on Lisa to be both professional and dependable and I always appreciate that about her. I would definitely recommend working with Lisa at Couragecopia if you are wanting to take something in your life or career to the next level."

- Sondra, AVP, Iowa

"The opportunity to have Lisa as a sounding board helped me navigate and turn around a workplace challenge that, without her coaching, might have had a different outcome. She listened without judgment and asked me questions that helped me structure my thinking and offered strategies, so that I moved forward from our conversations with a better understanding of myself, my environment and a clear direction for moving forward."

- Melodie, Senior Director, Michigan​

"Lisa is a coach that truly partners with you to discover what is important to you. Her words and tone of voice tells me she cares about the client."

As a result of Lisa's coaching: "I was and continue to be aware of my goals and why attaining them are important to me. It is helping me to make a lifestyle change."

- Pamela, CFO, Texas​

"Lisa is masterful at getting me to answer my own questions. She has a way of making me see what's right in front of me but that I can't spell out myself. I am so thankful for the time I get to spend with her each week and would recommend her in a heartbeat to anyone looking to get more out of their work, to plot a course forward, or to reach their leadership goals. Lisa is the best!"

- Janelle, Web Designer & Small Business Owner, Michigan

"Lisa is a great coach and is committed to helping you achieve whatever goals you set for yourself.  She has an engaging personality and brings her unique blend of real life experience along with a true passion for mentoring. Lisa’s candid feedback and tactful approach to accountability kept me focused on the work that will be most impactful to my goals. I would not be where I am at today without her guidance and support. If you are ready to put in the effort, working with Lisa will produce positive results."

- Christine, Project Manager, Michigan

"Lisa provided invaluable encouragement, advice and guidance during my career crisis. No matter how down I was feeling, she was always positive and left me with concrete actions I could take to achieve progress. I highly recommend Lisa as a coach."

- Cathleen, IT/UX Professional, Michigan​

"To become a PMP Professional was challenging to me; the answers sounded alike and even after studying pretty much every training book on this planet, I did not feel that I would make it. I was close to giving up, when Lisa became my coach. She found study patterns that I never thought about. She worked with me on focus techniques and meditation practices. You might think this wouldn’t do the trick, but it did. I am very thankful for her patience with my deliverables, for her guidance and support to finally become a PMP. I highly recommend to work with Lisa as your coach if you want to go to your next professional step in life."

- Karola, Project Manager, Michigan

"Lisa is very detail oriented and a great listener. She spends the time to get to know you and understands what is needed to make you another success story. I absolutely loved working with Lisa and will recommend Lisa to anybody that has a need for a coach and/or mentor."

- Regina, IT Manager, California

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