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Project and Program Manager Coaching

Are You Ready to Become a Leadership Rock Star?

Now, what if one of your work days could look like this…


You wake up, take a few minutes to make coffee, and start your day. While you make breakfast for yourself and the kids, you think about what is in store at the office. You have a project team meeting scheduled, and you're actually excited about it because you know it will be productive and fun!


During your team meeting, you realize how much you all have achieved in the last six months and how connected you've all become, even though half of your team is scattered across the country. You're planning the celebration for your project completion - a product launch that your team accomplished with efficiency and engagement! - and you can't wait to see everyone there.


That afternoon, the VP invites you into her office and thanks you for completing such a tough project with minimal drama. She mentions a new, highly visible, exciting project she is planning that needs a "rock star" leader...and then asks you to lead it! After an in-depth discussion on her vision for the new project, she asks about your long-term career goals and how she can help you achieve them - because she wants to keep you happily on her team for years to come!



Once the evening rush around the house is done, you collapse on the couch from exhaustion - but it's the good kind! You've had a day full of solid productivity and joy at home and at work, and you're ready to sink into a good book or catch up on your favorite show, knowing that your "daily grind" isn't a grind at all.

SOUNDS GREAT, right?!? 

It’s possible.  You can ditch the frustration and replace it with courageous, confident leadership practices that will make you a rock star at the office while also having a fulfilling life outside of work.


Your first step: Sign up for a free consultation with me, where you can find out more about how we’ll set you on your rock star journey!

Are you:

  • Frustrated and overwhelmed by your role as a project or program manager?

  • Following all of the rules and using all of the approved tools at work, but still find your projects aren’t as successful as you’d expect them to be?

  • Struggling to maintain performance and engagement within your project team(s)?

  • Finding yourself blindsided by the effects of office politics on your projects?

  • Realizing that stakeholder management is much more complicated than anyone ever told you?

  • Confused by how you never seem to get the credit you deserve?

  • Desperate to establish some semblance of work-life balance when you’re accountable for everything in your projects?

  • Trying to figure out what’s next in your project leadership career?

I've been there. Through 18 years of corporate project leadership, I experienced all of the above situations and learned the hard way. 

Your Journey to Becoming a Project Leadership Rock Star

This is a 5-stage process that takes 12 sessions over approximately six months to complete.

Stage One: Understand You
Through a few assessments and coaching sessions, we'll get to know where you are in your project management career and where you want to go. We’ll discover your preferred leadership styles, strengths, values, and how you “show up” at work and in life, so we can focus our time on what will get you the best results in your leadership journey.

Stage Two: Understand Your Environment

We'll look at your current environment to understand the organizational culture, team competencies, leadership expectations, political dynamics, and professional support systems within the context of your role as a project leader, so we can better determine what success looks like for you.

Stage Three: Set Goals
After setting the baseline during Stages One and Two, we'll set goals to achieve your personal definition of whole-life success. We'll assess any gaps we see between the present and desired states.

Stage Four: Experiment and Reflect
Utilizing your strengths, you'll try new practices and tools, and we’ll observe your results. Topics we could cover include emotional intelligence/EQ, the qualities of high-performing teams, leadership and communication best practices, or specific project management skills and competencies. You'll have a safe space to try out and discuss ideas with me first, and then we'll reflect together on how you can introduce positive changes to your daily life at work and home. When an experiment is successful, we'll work on establishing that practice as a habit, so you build and solidify your progress.

Stage Five: Manage Visibility and Leadership Presence
As you become more successful using these leadership techniques, others will notice, but you always need to maintain an eye on your personal brand and reputation within the organization. We'll work on making sure you get credit for all of your awesome work without seeming like a pushy self-promoter!

Let's get you started on this journey. Contact me now or book online for a free 15-minute consultation!

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