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Courageous Leadership Coaching

Are You Ready to Actually Enjoy Your Life as a Leader?

Hey, Leader!

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Are you:

  • In a new executive or leadership role and want to get off to a great start?

  • Wrestling with office politics that negatively affect your confidence and motivation?

  • Working to build engagement and ownership within your team(s)?

  • Trying to have the most impact in your organization while still maintaining a reasonable work-life balance?

  • Noticing you don’t get the acknowledgment from your leadership team that you think you deserve?

  • Wondering how you can possibly be a leader in business and maintain your humanity at the same time?


You can actually enjoy life as a business leader – and be fantastically effective at it at the same time!

Wouldn’t it be great...


...if you could wake up each day, ready to confidently take on the world – or at least your corner of it? know that you have time and energy for everything you need to get done at work and home, and the ability to fit in the activities you WANT as well? know you are going to spend another day killing it at work and maintaining balance and health?

It WOULD be great.


Wouldn’t it be awesome...


...if you spent the day maximizing and utilizing your strengths?

...if you knew exactly where you fit in the organization and had clarity on your goals and how to achieve them?

...if you were confident in your decision making process and knew that your choices at work came from a place of courage and progress?

..if you actually enjoyed your role as a leader and felt connected to your team and peers?

It WOULD be awesome.


Wouldn’t it be amazing...


...if you had ample time to spend with your family and friends?

...if you were able to prioritize healthy habits and exercise?

...if you actually had enough free time to think creatively and got enough sleep to feel rested each morning?

It WOULD be amazing.


SOUNDS GREAT, right?!?


It probably also sounds impossible.

But it is possible.  You can become the courageous, confident leader of your dreams, whose leadership presence is undeniable and whose teams are engaged and productive. You can be the awesome role model while still finding the right balance for you between work and life outside of work.


Your first step: Sign up for a free consultation with me, where you can find out more about how we’ll set you on your courageous leadership journey!

Your Courageous Leadership Journey

This is a 5-stage process that takes 12 sessions over approximately six months to complete.

Stage One: Understand You
Through a few assessments and coaching sessions, we'll get to know your preferred leadership styles, strengths, values, and how you “show up” at work and in life, so we can focus our time on what will get you the best results in your leadership journey.

Stage Two: Understand Your Environment
We'll look at your current environment (at departmental, organizational and even industry levels) to understand the organizational culture, leadership habits, team competencies, employee engagement levels, and what success looks like to you in that environment.

Stage Three: Set Goals
After setting the baseline during Stages One and Two, we'll set goals to achieve your personal definition of whole-life success. We'll assess any gaps we see between the present and desired states.

Stage Four: Experiment and Reflect
Using your strengths, we'll try new leadership practices and observe your results. Topics we could cover include emotional intelligence/EQ, the qualities of high-performing teams, leadership and communication best practices, or competencies directly related to your area of business. You'll have a safe space to try out and discuss ideas with me first, and then we'll reflect together on how you can introduce positive changes to your daily life at work and home. When an experiment is successful, we'll work on establishing that practice as a habit, so you build and solidify your progress.

Stage Five: Manage Visibility and Leadership Presence
As you become more successful using these leadership techniques, others will notice, but you always need to maintain an eye on your personal brand and reputation within the organization. We'll work on making sure you get credit for all of your awesome work without seeming like a pushy self-promoter!

Let's get you started on this journey. Contact me now or book online for a free 15-minute consultation!

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