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Lisa Ingall, ACC, CEG, MSPM, PMP

Experienced. Organized. Supportive.

My name is Lisa Ingall, and I am an Executive, Leadership and Empowerment Coach. At Couragecopia, I focus on empowering my clients to live a confident, full life that they have designed themselves, focusing on their personal and professional vision, values, needs, strengths and desires.

So what experience do you have in leadership?

I have eighteen years of experience in information technology product development, entirely in team leadership, project management and program management roles. My years at IBM and Siemens Healthcare sparked my interest in the study of leadership and organizational behavior, as I led global teams to achieve successful product launches, customer implementations, and support services.


During these years, I experienced the good and not-so-good of life as a woman in STEM -- the excitement of innovation and contribution to technological progress, and the frustration and rage caused by the systemic -isms we are all only now really starting to examine and understand. And as a member of Generation X, I was able to communicate with, inspire and motivate the Boomers and Millennials in my midst.

I led distributed teams for sixteen years and worked remotely myself for over a decade, so I also know how to effectively engage team members even when you don't see them every day at the office. My passion for workplace flexibility, diversity, and inclusion drives me to help all leaders embrace this new world of work, so they can be confident, effective, and comfortable with distributed team environments.

So what brought me to coaching?

I get a rush out of helping people, individually and collectively. I have always enjoyed helping my peers grow and succeed by coaching and consulting with them on career strategy, development plans, leadership best practices, and utilizing their strengths. I launched Couragecopia to help even more people discover their compassionate courage, so they can truly start living their lives by design, not default.

I am an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with and member of the International Coach Federation (ICF) and a Coach U Core Essentials training program graduate (CEG). Because I believe continuous improvement is critical, I am furthering my professional development through Coach U's Advanced Corporate Coaching Program. Finally, I am a Certified Social & Emotional Intelligence Coach through the Institute for Social + Emotional Intelligence (ISEI).

I invite you to check out my complete career and educational history - and connect with me! - via my LinkedIn profile.

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