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Distributed Team Leadership Coaching

Are You Ready to Be Effective, Confident and Successful in the New World of Work?


Are you:

  • New to leadership of geographically dispersed teams or in need of strategies to make your distributed team more effective?

  • Wondering how to establish trust between your remote and co-located team members?

  • Confused by how you’re supposed to keep team members engaged when they’re on the other side of the continent?

  • Suffering through communication challenges and barriers that you never had to deal with when everyone was in the same room?

  • Trying to figure out how to keep everyone accountable at work when you can’t just walk to their desk and see what they’re up to?

  • Leading a team from your home office or other remote location and want to have maximum positive impact?

The new world of work is here, and it is distributed.


Remote work and distributed teams are expected to grow as new generations of professionals who are comfortable communicating virtually enter the workforce. Workplace flexibility initiatives such as telecommuting allow for stronger workforce diversity and enable organizations to attract and retain outstanding talent without asking them to move their lives across countries or continents.


YOU can be a confident leader of distributed teams who shines and succeeds in this new world of work. I can help you gain the skills and confidence to be that leader.

What if …

…you had the communication strategies and skills to make sure each member of your distributed team was well-informed and productive?

…you felt you could trust every member of your distributed team?

…you knew exactly how you could maintain accountability for each team member without becoming a paranoid micromanager?

…your team had engagement and cohesion equal to or even better than the teams you’ve worked with face-to-face? were so confident in your distributed team leadership that you highlighted that skill on your resume, knowing it would be coveted in the new world of work?

…you got so great at this that you became an advocate and mentor for other distributed team leaders within your organization?

SOUNDS GREAT, right?!? 

You can do it.  You can ditch the confusion and annoyance and replace it with courageous, confident leadership practices that will make you wonder why you ever cared where your team members were physically located.

Your first step: Sign up for a free consultation with me, where you can find out more about how we’ll set you on your journey!

Your Journey to Becoming a Confident Leader in the New World of Work

This is a 5-stage process that takes 12 sessions over approximately six months to complete.

Stage One: Understand You
Through a few assessments and coaching sessions, We’ll talk about what frustrates you and what excites you in the distributed team environment. We'll get to know your preferred leadership styles, strengths, values, and how you “show up” at work and in life, so we can focus our time on what will get you the best results in your leadership journey.

Stage Two: Understand Your Environment
We'll look at your current environment to understand the organizational culture, leadership expectations, team competencies and engagement factors, and available tools within the context of your role as a leader of a distributed team, so we can determine your best approach for success.

Stage Three: Set Goals
After setting the baseline during Stages One and Two, we'll set specific goals to help you achieve effectiveness and confidence as a remote leader. We'll assess any gaps we see between the present and desired states.

Stage Four: Experiment and Reflect
Utilizing your strengths, you'll try new practices and tools, and we’ll observe your results. Topics we could cover include the qualities of high-performing teams, leadership and communication best practices, emotional intelligence/EQ contributors to distributed team leadership, and various tools and techniques. You'll have a safe space to try out and discuss ideas with me first, and then we'll reflect together on how you can introduce positive changes to your daily life. When an experiment is successful, we'll work on establishing that practice as a habit, so you build and solidify your progress.

Stage Five: Manage Visibility and Leadership Presence
As you become more successful using these leadership techniques, others will notice, but you always need to maintain an eye on your personal brand and reputation within the organization. We'll work on making sure you get credit for all of your awesome work without seeming like a pushy self-promoter!

Let's get you started on this journey. Contact me now or book online for a free 15-minute consultation!

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