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Make. Work. Better.

I'm Lisa Ingall. My mission at Couragecopia is simply to make work better - for all of us.

We're all spending at least a third of our adult lives working - so why not be a leader who makes that experience fulfilling and engaging for your people?


At Couragecopia, I coach innovative leaders and teams to maximize engagement and productivity while reintroducing human connection to the workplace. I focus on the fundamental competencies of social & emotional intelligence to develop outstanding leaders, and I coach teams to implement innovative best practices, whether they are co-located or spread across the globe.

The result? Career and whole-life success for individuals, higher engagement for teams, better retention for organizations, and improved performance all around.

I work with:

  • executives, middle managers, and other leaders in corporate and academic environments

  • business and project teams (distributed or co-located) 

  • women in STEM and other male-dominated professions

  • adults challenged by ADHD or other attention issues 

Through 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and team coaching, I help my clients become more efficient and effective in their leadership abilities and more confident in themselves and their decisions.  

Coaching Services

All of my coaching packages are centered around empowering you to confidently live your life - at work and at home - according to your values, strengths, and desires. Contact me today to start living your life by design, not default!

Check out coaching and get a jump start on rebalancing your life with this 60-minute coaching and consultation session.

Social + Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Coaching

Level up at work and home by learning about and improving your EQ! Assess your strengths and areas of growth, and learn how to be more effective and fulfilled.

Lead with courage, compassion and confidence - for executives, middle managers, project managers and distributed team leaders

Team and Group Coaching

Customized team and group coaching packages for your organization - can include any combination of group sessions and 1-on-1 coaching sessions of team leaders and members, based on your needs and budget

Start feeling like you're actually in control of your life - for working parents struggling with "balance", women in STEM and other male-dominated industries, and adults challenged by ADHD and other attention issues

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Client Testimonials

"The opportunity to have Lisa as a sounding board helped me navigate and turn around a workplace challenge that, without her coaching, might have had a different outcome."

"Lisa is masterful at getting me to answer my own questions. She has a way of making me see what's right in front of me but that I can't spell out myself."

"You can count on Lisa to be both professional and dependable and I always appreciate that about her. I would definitely recommend working with Lisa at Couragecopia if you are wanting to take something in your life or career to the next level."

"Lisa is a coach that truly partners with you to discover what is important to you. Her words and tone of voice tells me she cares about the client."

"I would not be where I am at today without (Lisa's) guidance and support."


“Leadership is a series of behaviors rather than a role for heroes.”

Margaret Wheatley

Let's talk! 

Contact me today to schedule a free consultation.

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