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Special Sauce

Photo of chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream sundae

Another excuse for food pics! Yay!

Let's talk about accountability.

In school, you had a built-in system of accountability: do the homework, participate in class, and convey enough correct information on exams, and you'll do great! Not always easy, but pretty straightforward.

As a kid, you were also probably held accountable at home most of the time: act right, or get "the look" - or other consequences - from a parent. (My mom's look was deadly, I tell you! Don't cross her.)

Not my mom.

At work, you probably have a reasonably solid system of accountability. There are tasks you need to complete, goals and objectives you need to meet. Your boss holds you accountable via performance reviews, and your peers hold you accountable via peer pressure and through their own contributions. You don't want to be seen as the slacker of the group.

But what about just living your life as an adult? Who makes sure you do the things you need to do to keep moving yourself forward as a human being? Who holds you accountable when you slack on your big-picture career goals? Who do you let down when you let those big dreams slide another year...another five years...another decade?

No one. So YOU must.

And holding yourself accountable for achieving your personal goals is tough. It's difficult when you are socially programmed to put everyone else's needs first (hey ladies!). Or when the boss is on your case to work overtime for the 10th week in a row. Or when life feels like you're on a hamster wheel, never able to break out and move forward.

Not anyone's favorite place to be.

This is where a coach can help. Coaches provide accountability and hold space for the client's vision and personal goals.

Want to know how?

By getting you to actually say what you want, out loud, to another person.

That's the special sauce of coaching. It's amazing, really.

Photo of chocolate brownie and vanilla ice cream sundae

Again? Yes, again. Because all chocolate

sauce is special.

Think about it. What percentage of the thoughts and dreams that are swirling around in your mind, do you actually say out loud to someone else? Are any of those unsaid plans actually progressing in a meaningful way?

And the fear of failure is so strong; I probably went a full four decades of life waiting until I was absolutely sure I could achieve something before I announced my plans to another person. Telling another human being that I wanted to start my own business was excruciating.

Decision making? Not my strength.

So who did I tell first? My spouse? Nope. My parents? No. My best friends? Also no. My cat? He couldn't care less.

I told my coach. I trusted her, and she was a safe person to experiment with regarding my goals and dreams. She helped me think through the realities of what I was considering and build the courage to actually say it to the people I was closest to in my life.

And once I did that, there was no turning back.

Full steam ahead.

Jump off the cliff and (try to) fly.

This guy has a distinct advantage when jumping off cliffs.

Enough metaphors? Okay.

The point: If you want to achieve something, whether it's a big wild idea like quitting your comfortable corporate job for entrepreneurship, or a simple goal like making more time for self care, accountability is critical. Coaching accelerates this accountability process by asking the questions that get you to state your intentions out loud to another human being, when you might not yet be comfortable enough to say it to anyone else! Special sauce.

So - what grand plans are swirling around your mind, waiting to be declared to the world?

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